April A-Z Challenge Accepted!


Hi everyone ☺ I might be a bit late announcing this, but what the hell, here goes!
After seeing this last week and giving it some thought, I’ve decided to give this years “Blogging from A to Z Challenge” a go.
The idea is self-explanatory: bloggers are encouraged to post every day throughout April, excluding Sundays, and each day’s post will be related to a letter of the alphabet. Each day will follow the alphabet in order and will provide the prompt for that post. In short, I’ll be attempting to write 26 short stories next month! I’m going to limit these stories to between 500-1000 words. No pressure, or anything…
I feel like this will be a great way to test myself and see how well I will work under time restraints. I’m becoming quite fond of writing flash fiction, so this should be fun! 😄
If any of you fellow bloggers would like to join in, you can find all the information for the Challenge here: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/?m=1
Grab the badge and post it on your blog, then follow their instructions to sign up. Simple! ☺ Wish me luck, and feel free to give me some ideas for specific letters!
P.S. I hope that’s not cheating…

21 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge Accepted!

      • Hi Adam,
        Niki’s started from the beginning of the Alphabet; I’ll start t’other end. Z for ZANY. (My French pal teaches English to French adults – it’s one of her favourite English words.) Let’s see what you can do with it.

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      • That’s going to be an interesting one! 😄 Makes me think of Doctor Seuss, for one!
        Thank you, Viki ☺ It’s a great word, and gives me something to aim for as I get started.


      • Hello Adam, Continuing my reverse dictionary; X = XENOPHOBIA. Sadly, a lot of it about, plenty of scope. and Y = YURT. There are some in a field not far from here. Good Luck, Viki Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 19:31:55 +0000 To: vikiallerston@hotmail.com

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      • Cheers, Viki! 😄 It’s awesome how helpful you are being!
        Xenophobia! I wouldn’t have thought of that one, nice one ☺ Yes, as you say, sadly there is a lot of that in the world.
        Yurt…another interesting one! ☺ I only know what they are because a lady I used to live with always banged on about how brilliant they are haha. Fantastic suggestions!


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