Meet The Bloggers Who Are Attending The 2018 Annual Bloggers Bash #BloggersBash

On behalf of the committee of the Bloggers Bash, I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who has confirmed their attendance for the 4th Annual Bloggers Bash. Bags are packed, votes have been counted, cakeshttps://melanierousselsite.blogbaked, envelopes sealed, outfits chosen,https://melanierousselsite.blogand the fun starts at 10:30 when Sacha flings opens the doors, and the hugging begins. (Please – no screaming this year when you see Geoff’shttps://melanierousselsite.blogbeard!)

Where & When?

Saturday 19th, May 2018 at The George IV pub in Chiswick, London. Click here for full details on how to get there.

We’ve lots going on during the day, including two speakers, ahttps://melanierousselsite.blogpanel debate and, of course, the announcements of this year’s bloggers bash award winners. We’ll also be announcing the winners of The Bloggers Bash Blog Post competition. Click here to see the agenda.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you all to this year’s attendees who have confirmed that we can add them to this list. Want to know who they are? Click on the name of their blog and pay them a visit. I know they’d be delighted to welcome you.

Ritu –

Marje -

Steve -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Zoe -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Hayley -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Barb -

Lucy -

Isa & Joanne -https://melanierousselsite.blog

David -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Jane -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Willow -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Melanie -

Ali -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Deborah -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Eloise -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Lance -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Lauren -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Sheila -

Debbie -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Jemima -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Emmalene –

Sam -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Lorna -

April -

Ulrich -

Jill -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Linda –

Icy -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Sherri -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Esther -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Stevie -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Melanie –

And not forgetting your 2018 Bloggers Bash committee

Sacha -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Geoff -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Shelley -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Suzie -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Helen –

Adam -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Graeme -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Hugh -https://melanierousselsite.blog

Coming to the Bloggers Bash and don’t see your details above? Let me know, and I’ll add them to the list

Not got your ticket yet? Click here to buy one.

We look forward to welcoming all of you.

To sign up for news about the Bloggers Bash straight to your inbox subscribehttps://melanierousselsite.bloghere.

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