2nd Place!

I opened up WordPress yersterday afternoon to some wonderful news: I had come 2nd in a short fiction competition!
My story was entered as part of Esther Newton’s Flash Fiction Competition and the stories were limited to 100 words. I’m thrilled to have done so well and would like to congratulate everyone else who entered.
You can read my story, “Money”, by following the link provided here. Do please read the 1st and 3rd place entries, they are brilliant! Thanks again to Esther for providing the challenge!

PS. I appear to have buggered up the links as they are not working for some people. If they don’t work for you, Dear Reader, then please look in the comments section and find the lovely Esther Newton. You’ll find the stories on her blog along with many more wonderful and inspiring posts.


36 thoughts on “2nd Place!

      • No need for the colour purple or whatever it is you go. Well deserved accolade. Nothing like a bit of recognition to spur you on. I think you should run with this Currency character – he makes the ultimate villain, all plastic smiles and paper thin morals!!

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      • Thanks, Geoff, I really appreciate you saying so. It has revamped my enthusiasm a bit!
        It’s nice to hear that, as I would have loved to explore the idea a bit further. Perhaps I will in future ☺

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