Stories from 2018

  • The Soldier in the Wood – A #writephoto challenge story. A wounded soldier drags himself into the woods to die. Posted on 29.01.18
  • Chorus – A ‘Fortnightly Fiction’ piece. Gary is a guest on a cruise and wakes up to find that someone has stolen his trousers. The clues left for him point to something more sinister than a simple practical joke. Posted 05.02.18
  • Aiden’s Decision – A new father faces a terrible choice. Posted on 28.02.18
  • The Crown Jewels – A professor and his assistant stumble upon a precious piece of history. Posted on 22.03.18
  • Before My Heart was Cold – Carl makes another painful visit to Alisa. Perhaps they should have let her die, after all. Posted on 22.06.18
  • Be Real – Sean wishes there was more to life than tall-tales and worries about the future. He just wants to be real. Posted on 03.09.18