Stories from 2015

  • Reminder  – Ken is alone, medicated, and convinced that he is worthless. A young man at the end of his rope. Posted on 14.06.15
  • Pews and Paranoia –  Vasily fled the USSR but has the Kremlin caught up with him in London after all? Posted on 16.07.15
  • Golden Hair –  I  love my beautiful, blond, Bev. She loves me too, and nothing will keep us apart. Posted on 25.07.15
  • Carol & Greg – Thirty years married and still very much in love. “Til death do us part”… Posted 17.09.15
  • Ginger Nuts and Carrot Tops –  We were right not to trust the red-heads, after all… Posted on 03.10.15
  • A Selfish Thing to Do –  When your life is in danger, have you ever wondered what would happen if you made a fuss? Posted on 11.10.15
  • Don’t Look –  I’d tell you what was in the mirror, but that might make you look… Posted on 31.10.15
  • Fair Emma –  Ladies of the night look out for one another, especially with a deranged killer on the loose. Posted 05.11.15
  • Fever of Venus – Met Andromeda Hairlock, respected alchemist and overshadowed daughter. Her day takes an interesting turn when a famed sorceress comes calling. Posted on 08.11.15
  • Bad for Business –  Mrs Whitfield has been successful for a decade, but what was the cost? Posted on 21.11.15
  • Gemini –  Bitter siblings can be a real pain, especially when they’re dead. Posted on 30.11.15
  • Spook the Human –  Ever wondered if spiders actually enjoying frightening us? Posted on 11.12.15
  • The Heist – A heist gone sour, a friend bleeding out – how are you supposed to think under these conditions? Posted on 18.12.15
  • The Elves’ Hot Chocolate –  A  trio of elves only wanted to make sure Saint Nick was rested for the big day. What could possibly go wrong? Posted on 26.12.15