Stories from 2017

  • Kerry, the Writer – It’s midnight and Kerry has writer’s block. This happens too often, perhaps it’s time to give it up? Posted on 23.01.17
  • The Second Sun – A ‘Fiction Fursday’ piece. Genevieve wakes up from her cryogenic stasis, but the world which greets her is not the one which was promised. Posted on 09.02.17
  • The Need for Sleep – Tomasz relives his golden memories with Justyna every night. If only he didn’t have to wake up. Posted on 15.05.17
  • Difficult Questions – Jenny’s mother isn’t around anymore, but how can her grandparents answer her questions? Posted on 15.07.17
  • Cracked Head – Pete always looked up to his brother, Jimmy, but things haven’t been the same since Jimmy went to uni. Posted on 28.09.17
  • A Man in Love – Brian adores Eleanor and he knows there is something between them. Other than her husband, of course… Posted on 12.12.17