The Crown Jewels

Here is a piece of flash fiction I have Written for The Bloggers Bash Blog Post competition. If you’d like to enter then you’d better get scribbling as it ends TONIGHT (22.03.2018) at 23:59 GMT! The theme is “Royalty”, and can be about anything which springs to your mind!

Click here for full details of the competition and how to enter. First prize is a £100 Amazon gift card, with two runner-up prizes also on offer. Not bad for a paragraph or two!

Being a committee member, I can’t officially enter the competition, but I thought I’d give it a bash regardless! I hope you enjoy it, it was a fun way to spend my lunch break!

The Crown Jewels

By Adam Dixon


“And, lo! Behold, the Crown Jewels! Worn by the monarchs of England for centuries!”

“Wow! They’re incredible, Professor!”

“Stunning, aren’t they? The craftsmanship which went into creating these marvels…ooh, it gives me goose-bumps!”

“The guys in the lab have scrubbed them well. I can’t see any dirt on them.”

“Quite right, too! It’s painful to think of them buried amongst the rubble of the Tower for so long…”

“They’re impressive, sure, but why did we bother?”

“What do you mean, lad? That’s Old Earth history before your eyes!”

“Yeah, I get that, but the custom is backwards. Allowing a single family to have so much influence doesn’t scream equality, does it? Surely we don’t want that revived?”

“Well, no, but you see, it- “

“Plus, it’s impractical; the bloody thing must weigh a ton! Not the best idea for a hat, is it?”

“A hat? A hat?!”

“Calm down, Professor, I’m just pulling your leg! You should’ve seen your face!”

“Hmmph! I should like to teach you a little respect for history! Every human being should appreciate relics from when we were free!”

“They really are fascinating, Professor, but I do still wonder why we bothered. The Overlords will have us vaporised if they find out we have them!”

“That’s exactly the point, lad! These aren’t simply relics, they’re symbols! They will remind us of what we lost when the Overlords descended. We don’t need to bring back an outdated system, we just need to let it light a fire in the minds of the public! Now, turn off the lights and help me lock this away. It’s a precious thing.”

The Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition – Deadline for Entries Extended  

We’ve listened, and we’ve acted. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended the deadline for entries to this year’s Bloggers Bash Blog Post competition. The deadline for entries is now 23:59 on Thursday 22nd March 2018. 


What is the competition about, and how do I enter?  


As you may have noticed, there’s another exciting event happening in London the same day as our Bloggers Bash. Although it won’t be as much fun as our event, the news of a Royal Wedding has undoubtedly given us a lot to think about.  

So, the Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition 2018 is on the theme of ‘Royalty.’ You’ve got a maximum of 300 words to share a flash fiction story, anecdote, poem, or another piece of work or writing on the theme of royalty. You might be inspired by Harry and his princess, or by the venue of this year’s Bloggers Bash (George IV). Or you might have another idea in mind. If you’re a photographer, then publish a post that includes photos of what ‘Royalty’ means to you.  


The Cost: £5 per entry or £8 for two entries – all proceeds go to funding The Bloggers Bash, payment accepted through PayPal only, at the bottom of this post.  


IMPORTANT – How to submit: Publish your entry(ies) on your blog and then drop an email to with the following information:  

  • The link to your blog post(s)  
  • The word count of all the words (excluding the title) in your post  
  • Your name  
  • Your Twitter Handle  
  • The identification number on your PayPal payment.  


Use the email subject title: BB Blog Post Competition. 



1st prize is a £100 Amazon gift card and a winner’s trophy 

2nd prize is a £30 Amazon gift card 

3rd prize is a £15 Amazon gift card 


We welcome entries from all over the world. The competition is open to all bloggers, regardless of if you’re coming to the Bloggers Bash or not. 


This year, we’re delighted to announce that our judges for the competition are Kaisha Holloway and Jo Robertson.  


Kaisha Holloway blogs at The Writing Garnet 

Kaisha won the top award for Most Inspirational Blogger at the 2017 Bloggers Bash and continues to inspire readers all over the world with her incredible book blog. She supports authors by promoting their books and helping with their social media presence. Her passion for all things book related is evident in the number of blog tours she participates in every year.  


Find Kaisha on Twitter: @kaishajayneh 



Joanne Robertson blogs at My Chestnut Reading Tree 

Jo won second place in the Hidden Gem category at the 2017 Bloggers Bash and through her fabulous book blog she shares many hidden gems with her readers. She set up My Chestnut Reading Tree in 2016 and enjoys sharing crime and psychological thrillers as well as women’s fiction. As a Top 55 Amazon reviewer, you can rely on Jo’s reviews to guide you towards a great book.  


Find Jo on Twitter @jocatrobertson 



The Small Print – Important, Please Read Before Submitting Your Entry 


  • Only entries with the identification number of the PayPal payment and sent by email to will be entered into the competition.  
  • Up to two entries per person are allowed. Anybody found to have entered the competition more than twice will be disqualified.  
  • Members of The Bloggers Bash committee and judging panel are not eligible to enter.  
  • The competition closes at 23:59 GMT on Thursday 22nd March 2018. Entries received after this date will not be included.  
  • Your entry must be a maximum of 300 words (not including the title) and can include: pictures, photos, videos, and artwork.  
  • The competition is only open to adults aged 18 and over.  
  • Winners must agree to have their full name and winning entries published on the blogs of the Bloggers Bash committee.  
  • No alternative prizes are available.  
  • The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.  
  • By entering the competition, you agree to abide by these rules.  
  • Click here to make your payment for entering the competition.  


Winners announced at The Bloggers Bash on May 19th, 2018. 



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